Nova Scotia FAQ

Q: Where is Nova Scotia?
A: Nova Scotia is located on the east coast of Canada at 59° to 67° Longitude and 43° to 48° Latitude.

Q: How big is Nova Scotia?
A: Nova Scotia has 55,491 km2 of land and is almost completely surrounded by 7500 kilometers of coastline. The average width from one side of the Nova Scotia to the other is 128 kilometers, so you are never more then approximately 64 kilometers from the coast. The Nova Scotia peninsula is approximately 575 kilometers in length.

Q: What's the population of Nova Scotia?
A: Nova Scotia's population as of January 2004 was approximately 936,892.

Q: What's the Capital city of Nova Scotia?
A: The city of Halifax is Nova Scotia's capital. The year round ice-free harbour provides a wealth of economic opportunities to the city and the province of Nova Scotia.

Q: What are Nova Scotia's Symbols?
A: A list of Nova Scotia's symbols can be found on this website.

Q: What is Nova Scotia's Time Zone?
A: Nova Scotia is in the Atlantic Standard Time zone, (GMT -04:00).

Q: How do I get to Nova Scotia?
A: You can reach Nova Scotia by boat, car, plane or train. Halifax International Airport is located just 30mins from the capital city's downtown. The city is also popular with many Cruise lines and is a frequent stop for the Cruise ships and their passengers. The Cat provides a fast trip ferry service to and from Bar Harbor, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. You can also take a train to Nova Scotia from other provinces or drive to Nova Scotia on the Trans Canada Highway system. Also for the trail people out there, the Trans Canada Trail system leads into Nova Scotia from New Brunswick (this is a all purpose trail suited for hikers, bikers and other travelers).

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